Good tips to fight depression

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December 4, 2016

Coping with the realisation that you are suffering from depression is the first and biggest step you can take towards recovery.

When you are suffering from depression, taking any action is difficult – seemingly impossible. When I first started experiencing severe depression, I was immobilised and could not move out of bed for two weeks.

The first step should be to your local GP or your doctor to ensure that you are not self-diagnosing, if you are indeed suffering from clinical depression then it needs to be medically verified by a health professional.

If your GP successfully diagnoses you, depending on how severe your depression is, s/he will prescribe you with antidepressants. Some cases of mild to moderate depression can be resolved with medication alone but the GP may also recommend seeking additional therapy.

Take good care whilst on anti-depressants, one of the biggest side effects of anti-depressants is that they can result in committing suicide. It is because they motivate you into action and get rid of your depression enough for you to be able to move around and perform daily activities but they still do not take away the emptiness and the sorrow – thereby motivating suicide attempts.

The best thing you can do for yourself is practice the PLEASE skills that are used to reduce emotional vulnerability:

  • P & L: Treat Physical Illness
  • Eating healthily and regularly
  • Avoid mind-altering drugs (including alcohol)
  • Sleep
  • Exercise

Brisk exercise is highly recommended and can help greatly with depression even though it is a very difficult routine to get into. Start small and gradually build up to 30 minutes of brisk exercise everyday – it is the most effective medicine you can give yourself, much more so than anti-depressants.

Hopefully this will help you make a start, good luck!

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