Bipolar Blues and Purples – Auras and Chakras (Take 2)

We recently had a conversation on Facebook about the relationship between bipolar disorder and the colors blue and purple. That conversation led to the proposal of seeking out a psychic or empath to help clarify why these two colors (blue and purple) are so commonly liked by the bipolar community. Well, I put out a call for some help and I received several responses.

Here are the second set of answers from a highly sensitive person to four questions about bipolar disorder and the colors blue and purple:

  • What is the significance of blue and purple auras?

Blue and purple colored auras are normally possessed by kind, loving, giving people who are on a personal journey of growth. The growth can be physical, spiritual, or mental. Blue is the color indicating growth, purple is mostly considered the color of generosity, loving, selflessness. So the 2 mixed gives you the beginning description. This can relate to bi-polar cause most polars are kind people who are on a journey of growth. It is a mental and physical journey to understand ourselves and the lifestyle that makes us unique and share this knowledge with other people.

  • Why are so many bipolar drawn to these colors?

This question is a little tricky. Most people aren’t drawn to their aura color/s solely. I think with Polars it is a need/desire to active the chakras these color represent. We can activate any of the 7 major chakras my seeing, wearing, eating a food the color of the chakra you want to strengthen or wake up. So the love of blue and purple most likely stems from the need to keep our 3rd eye and throat chakras open. These 2 together can help us stay aware of our cycles and communicate the changes effectively.

  • How do you experience the colors blue and purple?

I see and feel them. Blue is calm and comforting. Purple is regal and searching for knowledge. Each color bring a different feeling. Everyone can see, feel, or hear auras. It just takes some practice. I find most polars can develop this ability faster than others. I think this is because we already see the world differently and our love of purple which is the 3rd eye color.

  • What significance do chakras play in this equation?

Charkas actually have nothing to do with your aura really. The only time the chakras can effect an aura is if one or more of your chakras are blocked or sick (a block so bad it effects you physically). Auras are mostly a manifestation of your subtle energy bodies. Auras show your ‘personality’ formed by the subtle bodies. The colors, sounds, smells, and feelings are the electromagnetic energy communicating with you. Most people refer to this as ‘vibes’. They can effect each other but auras and chakras are 2 totally different things.

  • What is a good resource for people to find out more information about auras?

Wikipedia has a good laymen explanation and plenty of good sources for auras and different religions. I also like it covers auras, energy healing, and other holistic info.

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  1. angela says:

    i love purple and it fits me to a tee i am giving havig looked after my grandmother who had alzhiemers i was her caregiver for 6 yrs,now i’m looking after my aunt for a few weeks and when i get back home i will probably look after my other aunt,i’m tenderhearted too much…my daughter was murdered in january and it has it me hard and i love to learn knowledge is power

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