Mission Statement

To provide a judgement free forum for those who have an interest in issues associated with being bipolar. We provide our community with useful information about the disease, symptoms and mitigating activities.

About Us

Welcome to Being Bipolar, an online resource and podcast embracing, defining and sharing what it means to live with bipolar disorder.

Whether you personally struggle with bipolar disorder, or simply want to learn more about a friend, partner or family member dealing with bipolar, come discover with us here at the Being Bipolar community. We offer personal insight, informative podcasts, and a thriving Facebook community!

About the Founder

Howdy, I’m Bret Bernhoft, founder and producer of the Being Bipolar podcasts. I am a certified Web analyst who thrives on pushing the envelope of discovery using the latest tech and Internet tools. Being on the cutting edge and willing to take chances has been key to my success in cultivating a large, vibrant, online community.