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Marijuana and Bipolar: Ep. 3 – A Short Summary and Poem

On today’s episode I provide a short summary and poem sharing how marijuana helps my bipolar disorder and other cognitive challenges. Enjoy!

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Being Bipolar: Ep. 222 – The Importance of Trust Between a Patient and a Mental Healthcare Professional

On today’s episode we listen to Dr. Mark Komrad discuss the importance of trust and plain honesty between a patient and a mental healthcare provider such as a therapist or psychiatrist. Enjoy!

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Reflecting Pool: Ep. 19 – Bursts of Inspiration

On today’s episode we take a look at epiphanies, music and mood. Enjoy!

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Bipolar Minute: Ep. 39 – Balancing Trade-Offs in Health Through the Art of Medicine

On today’s episode we listen to Dr. Mark Komrad share how the benefits from bipolar medications and the risks from associated side effects are dealt with through a balance. Or in otherwords, “There is no free lunch.”

Reflecting Pool: Ep. 18 – Consciousness and Design (Bryan Rill)

On today’s episode we listen to Bryan Rill share how consciousness has and continues to influence art and design. Enjoy!

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